Government Services

Kreider-Wirick is your source for enhancing the performance of public-sector organizations through:

  • Project management
  • Organizational modernization, innovation and change
  • Training and curriculum development

The government of the future will not be your father’s public sector. Faced by the twin pressures of increasing demands for services and decreasing revenues, public-sector organizations will require new ideas and new skills in order to remain viable and serve the public interest. They’ll need to hone their project management skills in order to deliver critical project outcomes on budget and on schedule. They’ll need to modernize and streamline service delivery, manage change effectively, and imbue agencies with a sense of urgency and innovation. They’ll need to introduce new skills and make more effective use of contractors and service providers as government agencies adopt more network-based forms of organization and contractors deliver critical public functions. And they’ll need to find better ways to reach out to internal and external stakeholders in order to capture their attention and garner their support.

Making public-sector organizations more effective and capable of meeting the new requirements levied on them by that convergence of factors is the goal and the strength of Kreider-Wirick. It’s what we’ve done and what we have the unique ability to do.

Kreider-Wirick is a women-owned business.

Consulting and Facilitation

Kreider-Wirick is available for consultation with public agencies and the management of public-sector projects. Kreider-Wirick bases its work on a strong foundation that includes:

  • Deep understanding of public-sector processes and constraints
  • A commitment to the application of standards-based methods and tools
  • An understanding that each organization is unique and requires its own solution
  • A belief in developing local capability and empowering organizations and individuals to grow and take command of their circumstances and their future

Training and Curriculum Development

Managing public-sector agencies is always a challenge, especially because they involve multiple stakeholders, new or unproven technology, shifting or unclear requirements and outcome indicators, and constrained resources. Those challenges multiply in public sector projects, which are necessary for making the changes necessary for the public sector to cope with a fast-changing world.

Managing public-sector organizations can be more difficult than managing private-sector organizations because they:

  • Operate in an environment of often-conflicting goals and outcomes
  • Involve many layers of stakeholders with varied interests
  • Must placate political interests and operate under media scrutiny
  • Are allowed little tolerance for failure
  • Have a difficult time identifying outcome measures and missions
  • Are required to be performed under constraints imposed by administrative rules and often-cumbersome policies and processes
  • Require the cooperation and performance of agencies outside the project team for purchasing, hiring, and other functions
  • Must make do with existing staff resources more often than private-sector projects
  • May not be comfortable or used to directed action and project success

This set of workshops has been designed to address the particular and daunting challenges of managing public-sector organizations and projects. They introduce participants to management methods and tools that have proven useful in both public- and private-sector organizations and identify both the difficulties of managing public-sector organizations and projects and best practices for dealing with them. Ultimately, they are designed to enable public-sector managers to inspire the crucial dialogues necessary for successful projects and organize and inspire their public organizations to take the actions necessary to create innovative services that meet public needs. It provides managers with the « hard » and « soft » skills necessary for success in the public sector.

Project management workshops in this suite are compliant with the project management methods established by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), the world’s largest and most respected association of project managers. They comply with the Project Management Body of Knowledge (the PMBOK® Guide, Third Edition). Project management workshops are based on Managing Public Sector Projects by David Wirick (John Wiley and Sons, 2009), the most respected source of guidance for public-sector projects.

This suite has been assembled in order to meet the needs of diverse public-sector organizations and to provide a fully scalable approach to building the management skills of entry level managers, mid-level managers, and senior managers.

Workshops in the public-sector management suite include:

  • Introduction to Public Project Management: Challenges and Solutions, a one-day introduction to public project management
  • Managing Public Project Risks, a two-day detailed discussion of the risks of public-sector projects and the tools and techniques for managing those risks
  • Identifying the Requirements of Public-Sector Projects, a two-day exploration of the daunting challenges of eliciting and managing the requirements for public-sector projects
  • Managing a Diverse Workforce, a one-day exploration of the challenges and tools for managing an increasingly diverse workforce, including the challenges created by differences in cultural backgrounds, age, communication styles, and approaches to work
  • Managing the Critical Dialogues of Public-Sector Projects, a two-day exploration of the communications challenges of public projects and techniques necessary for managing stakeholder expectations
  • Managing Chaos and Complexity in Public-Sector Projects, a two-day examination of the factors that introduce chaos into public-sector projects and the methods that can be used to manage that chaos
  • Managing Vendors and Partners in Public-Sector Projects, a two-day analysis of the difficulties of managing vendors for public-sector projects and creating good project outcomes through the use of vendors
  • Public-Sector Project Immersion, a five-day intensive workshop designed to introduce public-sector project managers to the full array of skills and methods necessary for effective public-sector project management
  • Enhancing Innovation in Public-Sector Agencies, a two-day examination of the need for innovation in public agencies, the impediments to innovation, the characteristics of innovative public-sector organizations and tools for enhancing innovation in public-sector agencies

The modules that comprise these workshops can be re-ordered into custom workshops in order to meet specific organizational needs.