About Kreider-Wirick

Kreider-Wirick is dedicated to helping organizations to build the organizational capability to thrive in these challenging and uncertain times. In an economy that takes no prisoners, every organization is being challenged to outperform worldwide competition, find ways to innovate, and deliver results with sharply diminished resources.

Making the transitions necessary to thrive both today and tomorrow requires new organizational arrangements and skills. It takes the ability to innovate on the fly while delivering results that meet the needs of demanding and diverse customers. It takes organizations that are accountable for results and able to communicate with diverse stakeholders. It takes organizations that can build systems and processes that can be sustained well into the future. And it takes organizations that understand that successfully communicating with stakeholders will require creative communications methods.

Kreider-Wirick specializes in:

  • The development of curriculum and the provision of training designed to meet the needs of organizations attempting to thrive in these challenging and rapidly changing economic times
  • The provision of services to government agencies seeking to improve their ability to provide services to their customers in the face of severe resource constraints, increasing demands for services and the need for public accountability
  • The creation of visual and compelling organizational communications that can capture the attention of diverse constituencies